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جنوبي تر از مرز  آمريکاي جنوبي و جزائر غرايب
امپراطوري موضوعات جهاني
کنعان فلسطين و اسرائيل
امّت جهان عرب، اسلام
در شکم نهنگ اکتيويسم در مادرشهرهاي امپرياليستي
صلح و جنگ آمريکا، اتحاديه اروپا، ناتو
آقريقاي مادر  قارّه آفريقا، اقيانوس هند

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25 Thousand Tents (Maybe more)
Documentary from Al Tanaf Refugee Camp (Syria)



al tanafThis film was made by two young Palestinian Filmmakers from Yarmouk Refugee Camp. This documentary explores the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in their struggle to survive and return to their homeland Palestine. It documents the lives of Palestinians stranded in Al-Tanaf detention camp in no man's land between the Iraqi-Syrian borders. It explores the lives of Palestinians who first found refuge in Iraq following the Zionist occupation of Palestine and the expulsion of its people in 1948. Following the US invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003, they have been forced to flee and find refuge elsewhere once again. This film gives voice to the suffering and heroism of Palestinians as they tell of personal experiences, the hardships they endure, what led them to flee Iraq, as well as their aspirations and hopes for the future.
This film was made with almost no help or financial support, without the permits by the Syrian Government to film in the area and with very poor technical equipment. Despite all the difficulties, the final result is beautiful and succeeded in giving the Palestinians who were trapped in Al Tanaf the chance to speak out and tell their story. It is truly a work made by the heart.

One of the filmmakers is continuing to tell this story. He is meeting with the Palestinians "dislocated" to faraway Chile. If anyone would like to help contribute economically to this project, please contact PTT, and we can put you in contact with the filmmakers.

URL: http://www.tlaxcala.es/detail_artistes.asp?lg=es&reference=397

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