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A frustrated Arab’s Diary

AUTHOR:  Raja Chemayel, 1-15 June 2007

Translated by   Submitted by the author

From: raja chemayel
To: undisclosed@recipients.lb

How to re-unite Syria and the Hariri-clan ??


A proposal for a compromise
on that hot-front.

In the Lebanon ,  the Government accuses Syria
for this new phenomena called Fateh el Islam
and the same time ,  most of the well-informed sources
accuse El Harri-Clan ( plus CIA and Saudi) of the same.

The same crime but two suspects,
or two accused....if not three !!


How to solve this and how to come to a nice compromise
and to a happy-end ??........such as in the  Hollywood films !!


Easy !!
when we see that both sides are against this phenomena
and each side never did invite them in
and each of the sides find them as subversive and chaotic
and each side has "washed his hands" from that group
Then let, Syria and the Hariri-clan-army, clean-up
the Camp of Nahr el Bared.....together !!

Who he does not take part in that cleaning,
will be the one who really brought Fateh el Islam 
into the Lebanon and into that camp.....

How else could we know .........."who is who"

June first 2007


From: raja chemayel
To: rhodesia@banana.il

Rhodesia has disappeared !! 



What happened to Rhodesia ??
Where is Rhodesia now ??
How come it was wiped off the map ??
(without the help of  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad!)
How come the real and rightful inhabitants got Rhodesia back ??

What will happen to Israel ??
Where is Palestine now ??
How come Palestine was wiped off the map ??

Who or what took away Palestine ??
Why not doing to Israel, what was done with Rhodesia ??

Wiping off colonialism from any map is rightful , legal and humane .
even if the Colonists were Jews ........there is no difference !!
Colonialism is colonialism regardless who is doing it !
Judaism is not a license to steal anything nor to steal any land.
Neither is any other religion a reason to colonise anywhere or anyone.

Judaism is safer and more respected without an "Israel-state" !!
Judaism without Zionism is without any critics ,
like Alcohol free beer or like nicotine free cigarettes
or caffeine free coffee or carbon free fuel.....

Let Israel follow Rhodesia.
Because , Algeria was never French  !!
neither was  Ethiopia  ever Italian !!
neither was Congo Belgian and Ghana British !!

Raja Chemayel
June 2Nd. 2007


From: raja chemayel
To: free@mason.il



The Free-Masons (Freemasons)

and the Jews..

Let us compare the Freemasons with my cousins , the Jews.

What difference do we find  ?
Hardly any !!
both are made of different nationalities
both are made of different races
both come from different cultures
both speak several languages, among each other
both claim to be one exclusive-entity.
both discriminate you if your not one of them.

The major difference is that the Jews claim to be as one people
which is no more their  case , since  the year 0066.
When the Freemasons claim one fraternity, which is correct.

Another difference is that Jews would like to steal Palestine
and the Freemasons would like to steal only a Temple of Jerusalem !!

Otherwise they are much comparable to each other
in the fact that they are :
organised-clubs of egocentric-loyal-members.

Therefore in my opinion the Freemason are more honest to themselves
and more plausible too, among those two apartheid-based groups.

Try to ask for an Aspirin from a Freemason,  when you are not one of them !!
Or try to ask the hand of the daughter from the other....


Raja Chemayel
no more a Jew..........since 2010 years
and never a Freemason, neither.



From: raja chemayel
To: complaining@who.lb


Who is complaining ?? 



In the Lebanon

we have a Prime Minister who is very much liked by Condi Rice

we have Fateh el Islam who is very liked by Prince Bandar of Saudi

we have a President who has had his mandate extended and later

those who have extended it,  are complaining why he stayed longer ?

We have Israel in the South wishing to re-enter but wants the Unifil to protect it

We have Syria who physically got out, although Lebanon is still inside Syria

We have Sunni fanatics trying to liberate us from what is left over of our secularism

We have a Shi'aa popular army who does not want any civil-war

We have a silent majority which run out of rhetoric's

We have Palestinian refugees as human-shields for Fateh el Islam

We have a Druze minority which makes any chameleon become jealous

We have United Nation's soldiers defending Israel borders

and also sealing the borders with Syria and watching our beautiful coasts.

We have an international tribunal to judge on an international farce

We have more international VIP's visiting the Maronite Patriarch

than our National Museum have seen tourists.

We have bombs equality spread to all areas and to all the sects.

We have only Syria+Iran on the accusations list !!

all others are innocent !!


Otherwise we cannot complain,

because France and Europe will inject some money in our economy

and the USA is arming our Military and CIA+Saudi  arming our fanatics

and our Arab brothers help everybody,,,,...and I mean everybody !!

herlock Hommos

investigator !!
8th of June....40 years later !!




From: raja chemayel

To: borat@missiles.us


Borat saves the day !!





Do not mind those new anti-Missiles-Radar-installations

George W. Bush wanted to set up , in Poland and the Czech Republic..


Because , Vladimir Putin shall sell to George another Radar-installations

based in Kazakhstan.... or Azerbaijan...near Missilestan
(second-hand but re-furbished and with 5 years warranty)


Probably ,  it mus be Borat who arranged that last-minute-deal
at the G8 meeting......


Besides that ,  the Weapons of Mass Destruction of  Iraq

have been already found and secured in Disney-World.

And the Atom Bomb of Iran is still on the drawing-board.


The world is much safer with Borat around

and without Bush !!



Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
real estate agent for missed opportunities
9Th of June 2007


From: raja chemayel

To: pope@ush.us

There is abortion....... and abortion



Bush visited the Pope , yesterday.

They both agree on the  anti-abortion issues.

But the Pope opposed the Iraq-War, in 2003 and now.



It is a pity, because,

if ever Papa and Mama Bush has had agreed on an Abortion ,

we would not have had such a Bush-Junior  today

and not having a Bush-Junior means that

we would not have had the Iraq-War,neither

and not having has an Iraq-war ,  

the World would have been much safer

and in a safer-world the Terrorists  have less chances

and less excuses......to invade other countries !



Therefore ,

I say that abortion, in that case, would have been very useful.



Sherlock Hommos

10Th of June 2007



From: raja chemayel
To: tiran@ush.al


The Tyrants of Tirana



this is the Tyrant of Tirana pictured with a Tyrant in Tirana



If you were wondering where on earth George Bush

can still be greeted by a real crowd ?

think again !!


No it is not Tel Aviv.... it is still too risky there

because any day the Mossad would like to see another US President




No Sir !!


It is in Albania , Tirana....

a country of a long tradition of freedom and democracy

somewhere where George Bush can be appreciated

and gets the welcome he deserves  ...!!

somewhere where the crowds are real and genuine....spontaneous,natural !!

Probably also because Albania is a Moderate-Islamic-state.


As a matter of fact yesterday in Tirana I saw for the first time

George W. Bush walking towards a crowd and shaking hands !!



Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

11Th of June 2007



From: raja chemayel
To: horse@race.lb


The best horse in the race...



Some accuse Fateh el Islam to be a pseudo-militia

planted by the CIA and Saudi Arabia in concert with

the Harriri Clan.....

I am one of those accusers.



Others ,

namely Harriri+CIA+Saudi accuse the same

Fateh el Islam to be a pseudo-militia planted by Syria .


I do not believe in this propagandist-theory.....



Why ??


Because Hezbollah is qualitatively and quantitatively

stronger and bigger and mightier than even

the Lebanese government's apparatus and Army.

Hezbollah even defeated Israel , in many cases.


And , at the same time , Hezbollah is a ally to Syria ,

which is a compliment to Syria itself.....


So my question would be :

When Hezbollah and Syria are anyhow

allied tactically and or strategically

then why would Syria still needs Fateh el Islam.



Second question :

when even Al Qua'eeda was once build on Saudi-Dollars

and on CIA logistics , then why not Fateh el Islam  ??? also.



Conclusion :

when you have the best horse in a race

you do not bet on the seventh-grade-horse !!




Sherlock Hommos

expert on loosing horses ...
12Th of June 2007


From: raja chemayel

To: sixpercent@hundredpercent.il


15% evil , is less than 121%.....



Assuming that ,
the Holocaust did actually happen
completely and exactly as the mainstream media has presented  it.


Then we shall say that 40 million Nazi-Germans have 

exterminated 6 million Jews.

Which is a ratio of 15%



Now let us compare this 62 years old Tragedy

to the contemporary victims of the State of Israel

otherwise known as Zionist-Israel .

4 Million Israelis have killed (in 60 years) about 120.000 Palestinians

and exiled another 850.000 refugees who became today

around the 2 millions refugees and another 2 million-dead-alive, like what
the occupied-Palestinian today are .
It adds up to around 4.850.000 victims

Which brings us to a ratio of 121%



If the humanity or rather if the inhumanity could be

calculated or could be rated arithmetically,

I would say that Nazi-Germany produced 15% criminality


Zionist-Israel produced 121% criminality

and or that

Zionist are 8 times worst than the Nazis, were to be .


Add to this tragedy the fact that the Zionists

are still non-stop-active and we all watch this on the TV , daily.



Raja Chemayel
not a revisionist but simply a realist
who likes arithmetical-argumentation.

13Th of June 2007



From: raja chemayel

To: hivrit@wolfo.us

Paul, George and God


Do not blame George W. Bush for those failed Wars
in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Lebanon
and very soon also in Sudan and in Iran.

Because ,allegedly ,  "God talked  directly to George"
and that God talked, accidentally, in Hivrit,
a language which George does not fully understand.
(like the majority of other languages , too)

And most probably Paul Wolfowitz was his translator
because Paul speaks perfect Hivrit....

Consequently ,
do not blame God , for those Wars ,
just blame Paul !!

Eng. Moustafa    Roosenbloom
translator from the Truth to the Scandals
14Th of June 2007



From: raja chemayel

To: best@israel.us


How to change the Majority



In the Lebanon
there are 3 ways to reach a Parliamentarian Majority

1- Saad el Hariri usually buys them , at a wholesale price.
2- but his opposition blows them up , probably.
3- someone , who does not like both ,
    does blow them up
    and put the blame on Syria.

But if you blame Syria !!
you cannot go wrong ,
because the USA will back you up
you will be called a "Democracy-lover-promoter-moderate"
and the EU shall pump a lot of money ,  up yours !

But if you blame Israel and/or the CIA

you will be called Axis of Evil
or you will end up on the waiting-list
for a Guantanamo Bay Holidays.....

All this resembles Palestine today,
although in reverse order ,where,
Mahmoud Abbas does the Job for Shin-Bet
in order to regain a Government of Majority.

So comparatively I say:
In Palestine the Majority for governance
can be reached by 2 ways only :

1- with the help of Shin-Bet
2- with the help of M. Abbas and M. Dahlan

And in both cases , here also, you can blame Syria
and get all the related benefits......

and the good news is !!
that Saad el Hariri cannot buy Palestinian politicians
and M. Dahlan cannot compete with the Lebanese-power-Mafiosos.

and the bad news is :

yesterday and today Israel has enjoyed its best days in its short history :
1- Iraq is divided and its mosques are burning.
2- Lebanon is pulling up its sleeves ready for a Civil War
3- Palestinian civil war has started
4- Syria is in the accused box of a Kangaroo Tribunal
5- Iran will be bombed before it finishes building  shelters,
    let alone building that A- Bomb
6- all Presidential Candidates in USA are lining up to ask for
     Israel's blessings.
7- Simon Perez becomes the President instead of being sent
     to the Hague International Criminal Court.
8- Ariel Sharon did not wake up from his coma

Sherlock Hommos
15Th of June........40 years later

Source : http://frustratedarabdiary.blogspot.com/, the blog of Raja Chemayel
URL of this page : http://www.tlaxcala.es/pp.asp?reference=2976&lg=en