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Grand-Children of the Holocaust turning Gaza into another Ghetto Warsaw


While the world is looking on passively, Israel is perfecting its strangulation of the Gaza Strip’s 1.4 million civilians.

On Sunday, Oct. 28,  the Israeli army reduced by more than 20% fuel supplies to the Strip. More cuts are slated to take place in the next few days and weeks, according to Israeli officials.

Last week, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered a gradual cutoff of fuel and electricity supplies to the Gaza Strip, ostensibly in preparation for a deep blitz into the occupied coastal territory. Given past experience, hundreds of mostly innocent Palestinians can be expected  be murdered and maimed in such a blitz.

Barak, a certified war criminal for his role, as Prime Minister,  in the killing of hundreds of Palestinian civilians , including children, in 2000 and 2001, is using the recurrent  firing of homemade projectiles from Gaza onto nearby Jewish colonies, as a pretext for his long-anticipated campaign of murder and terror against the impoverished territory.

Barak  also want to use  another wave of bloodshed and terror in Gaza  in order enhance his own popularity  and public standing ahead of  possible general elections in Israel.

Needless to say, killing and tormenting Palestinians has always been the most effective tactic to win elections in Israel where the Jewish public has been for years drifting toward right-wing jingoism.

The Qassam argument, often made to justify Israel’s Nazi-like approach toward the people of Gaza and Palestinians in general,  is disingenuous and unacceptable.

In fact, one could argue that Israel has done everything possible to push Palestinian resistance fighters to resort to this desperate act to deter Israeli aggression.

Carlos Latuff

Israel, which has been lying to the international community by claiming that it no longer occupies Gaza, has effectively turned that most densely populated spot on earth  into a huge detention camp, very much like the Ghetto Warsaw.

In this huge open-air prison, 1.4 million Palestinians are confined to 300 square kilometers, with very  little food, little water, rampant unemployment, and a huge reservoir of despair, indignation and poverty.

And at the top of all of this, the Israeli army, with its state-of-the-art technology of death, continues to murder and maim Palestinians, including civilians, on a daily basis.

More to the point, Israel doesn’t allow Gazans to travel abroad for work or medical care, causing numerous Gazans to succumb to their illnesses.

Last week, a Gaza middle-aged man died at the Eretz border terminal while awaiting  indifferent Israeli occupation soldiers to allow him to enter Israel or travel to the West Bank  for medical care.

Similarly, numerous other Palestinians, with chronic health problems, had to succumb to their illnesses because  the “apple of God’s eye” wouldn’t give them mercy nor allow God’s mercy to reach them.

Israel’s callousness and criminality are also manifested in preventing Palestinians who had left Gaza from returning home.

There are really no objective justifications for this hateful policy toward a people thoroughly tormented by 40 years of a Nazi-like occupation.

Israeli leaders and apologetics routinely invoke the issue of terror. However, one is always prompted to ask what terror and what criminality is greater than keeping an entire people in a state of indescribable oppression for all these years?

Besides, what would any people on the face of earth do when  faced with these hellish conditions?

Indeed, are Palestinians supposed to be denied access to food, work and basic necessities of life, and be killed and maimed and hounded and blockaded, and then remain silent?

The Palestinians authorities in Gaza have repeatedly proposed a total ceasefire with Israel whereby both sides would refrain from attacking the other. However, an characteristically insolent and bellicose Israel has always said “No” on the ground that Israel, the chosen,  can’t be treated on equal footing with “terrorists.”!!!

The Israeli posture is very telling and needs no  further explanation. Israel, like any other fascist-minded state is not after peace  or  coexistence with the Palestinian people, its enduring victims.

Instead, Israel simply wants to kill Palestinians, starve and torment them until they surrender to Zionist designs of ethnic cleansing, lebensraum and  territorial aggrandizement.

But this the Palestinians won’t accept even if the entire Palestinian people at home and  in the Diaspora were to perish.

Today the survival of the Palestinian people is the ultimate  litmus test of human conscience everywhere because if Palestinians were to be let down  by a world that is  increasingly overwhelmed by spin and lies and ferocious capitalism, then this would be an absolute indicator that the world is on  a sure course of  moral demise and self-destruction.

On the other way, a brave stand against the powers of darkness and hegemony and darkness, e.g. Israel, its guardian-ally, the United States, and their allies, would be a soul-saver for humanity.

There is no doubt that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Likewise, resisting oppression and fascism  will help the cause of freedom and justice everywhere in the world.

This is why all honest people on earth, people who will not cower before brute force, people who are willing to call the spade a spade, are called upon to  rise up and take to the streets in order to  send an unmistakable message to the Nazis of our time in Tel Aviv,  who are now  committing a slow-motion genocide in Gaza.

Don’t  say “we didn’t know.”

Source: submitted by the author on Oct 29, 2007

Original article published on Oct 30, 2007

About the author

Khlaid Amayreh is a friend of Tlaxcala, the network of translators for linguistic diversity. This article may be reprinted as long as the content remains unaltered, and the source and author are cited.

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