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Blair's Arrogant Iraq confession

AUTHOR:  Abdelbari ATWAN عبد الباري عطوان

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair stunned many when he declared during a recent BBC interview that he would have carried on with the invasion and occupation of Iraq even if he had known that Saddam Hussein possessed no weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

Going even further, Blair added that he would have found other reasons and excuses for military action since the main goal was to topple Saddam and enforce regime change in Baghdad, whatever it might take to do so.

His comments came in the course of an interview with the BBC's editor of Religious affairs as Blair defended his personal religious integrity and the depth of his new Catholc faith which he adopted a few years ago.

While some may have been surprised by Blair's confession, we who opposed the war from the outset simply saw that our suspicions about its genesis were correct all along: this was a conspiracy, dreamt up by American neo-conservatives in America, most of them Jewish supporters of Israel, to target and humiliate Arabs and Muslims.

Former US President George W. Bush was the first to herald the true motivation of this ill-advised and illegal war when he announced that he would launch a 'crusade' against Islam and Muslims. His aides tried to dilute his statements, saying they were a 'slip of the tongue', or that he did not mean these words literally.

Blair, however, in the course of his recent interview, said the term 'crusade' was used advisedly and intentionally to describe a joint Anglo-American venture which he defined as 'religious'. He added that Islam was at the heart of several major conflicts around the world, and that there was a great deal on internal conflict among the Muslims themseves.

Iraq was targeted because Saddam had become a threat to Israel and Western hegemony, and to global oil supplies. Removing him from the political and military map of the region had become essential to ensure Israel's strategic military superiority.

Testimonies given by British officials before the Investigative Commission on the Iraq War, chaired by Sir Chilcot, revealed that Blair had been considering enforcing a regime change in Iraq since 1998, almost two years before US neo-conservatives adopted the strategy. More importantly, they also told how Blair had signed a document committing to the Iraq war with George W. Bush a year before the invasion, and that he systematically disregarded the views of his ministerial and backbench colleagues and even the opposition of Lord Goldsmith, the Attorney General, who advised him that the 2003 invasion, at that time and in the diplomatic circumstances, would be illegal under international law.

Blair lied to the British people, to parliament and even to his cabinet, and carried on repeating these lies even after the end of the war, and the emergence of its disastrous consequences for the Iraqi people and the region as a whole. When he was speaking to Parliament on the ability of the Iraqi regime to develop biological weapons and chemical and nuclear weapons to attack Britain and its interests, he knew very well that these weapons do not exist, just as he did when he said that the Iraqi president could save himself and his regime by co-operating with UN inspection teams.

Those who fabricted the reasons to invade Iraq are the same ones who fabricated the legality of a 'trial' to bring Saddam Hussein to justice and to execute him in record time because they know very well that the life of their lies was likely to be short and that the Iraqi people already understood the magnitude of the disaster.

All the self-righteous talk about Saddam's human rights violations and violence against his own people was just smoke bombs to hide the real purpose of the invasion, which was to destroy Iraq from within as well as without by tearing apart its social fabric and cultural heritage, destroying its national identity, and drown it ethnic and sectarian conflict.

Blair also admitted that his special relationship with the US and President Bush was at the heart of his policy-making. He would not let Bush down by a reluctance to commit Britain to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Iraq and Afghanistan were the victims of this lamentable crusade, whose promises that these two countries would be transformed into regional models of prosperity, stability and good governance have proved laughable.

Is it coincidence that these two Muslim countries are ranked as the most corrupt in the world, after only Somalia, by Transparency International?

Blair's confessions should not be without repercussion. They should be used by legal experts to bring Blair and his cohorts before the War crimes tribunal at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Regime change by military force, and without legal justification, is a clear violation of the Geneva Convention and international law, as Lord Goldsmith made absolutely clear to Tony Blair when he asked his legal opinion prior to the invasion.

The Iraqi people lost two and a half million martyrs, a million during sanctions, which lasted 13 years before the war. There are two million widows and four million orphans. A further four million Iraqis have been diplaced within and outside their country. Iraq's infrastructure has been destroyed as has its business framework; Iraq's middle calsses must suffer their losses without any hope of material compensation from the invading coalition.

It is unfortunate that those Arab governments currently lamenting the strategic imbalance in the region due to the absence of Iraq as a force to counteract a burgeoning Iran, played such a pivotal role in supporting the 'Blair-Bush project' which has its roots in a Crusade against Islam and Muslims. It is equally unfortunate that some Iraqis, in good faith or in error, also fell into the same trap. Sadly, many of these Arabs have yet to see the truth and are continuing with the same error, preparing to participate in an increasingly likely new US war against Iran.

Blair is met with hospitality in most Arab capitals as a special envoy of the Quartet for Peace in the Middle East, yet in European capitals he is met with a barrage of rotten eggs and calls for his trial as a war criminal since his hands are stained with the blood of millions of innocent Iraqis.

Surely the time has come to end this shameful paradox to end?


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Source of this translation: http://www.abdelbariatwan.com/Blair%27sArrogantIraqConfession.htm

Original article published on Dec. 14, 2009

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PEACE AND WAR : 16/12/2009