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Suicide ? The strange death of Riad Hamad, a Lebanese activist for Palestine, in Austin, Texas

AUTHOR:   Various authors


انتقل إلى رحمته تعالى

الشهيد المغدور

رياض الصلح محمد حمد

المتوفي في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكي

والده المرحوم الحاج محمد أحمد حمد

(أبو فاروق)

والدته المرحومة عنبره شعبان دوغان

زوجته ديانا يوسف الحاج علي

ولداه عبدا لله وريتا

أشقائه فاروق الحاج عبد الناصر عبد الحفيظ أحمد

صهره الحاج محمد العارف العبد

تقبل التعازي بين صلاتي العصر والمغرب

يوم الخميس 24/4/2008

للرجال في خلية خمد

وللنساء في بيت فارس محلة قصقص

متفرع من شارع حمد

الراضون بقضاء الله وقدره

آل حمد الحاج علي دوغان العبد

للشهيد الرحمة ولكم الأجر والثواب


We regret to announce to you the passing away of: Martyr

Riad Alsolh Muhammad Hamad

In the United States of America

His father: The late Hajj Muhammad Ahmad Hamad

(Abu Farouk)

His mother: Anbarah Shaaban Doughan

His wife: Diana Yousef Al-Hajj Ali

Son: Abdullah

Daughter: Rita

Brothers: Farouk, Hajj Abdul An-Nasser, Abdul Al-Hafiz and Ahmad

Brother in law: Muhammad Aref Al-Abed

Condolences: in between afternoon and sunset prayers

Thursday 24-4-2008

Khilyat Hamad

Hamad St. Beirut - Lebanon


Riad Hamad Elsolh, a martyr for Palestine
by Adib S. Kawar

We were greatly shocked and saddened with the news of the murder of Riad ElsolhHamad. Riad's body was found floating in Lady Bird Lake in Austin after he was reported missing since the beginning of the week.

Riad was a dedicated man as chairman of the "Palestinian Child Welfare Foundation", he was helping disabled children in Palestinian refugee camps, and he used to ask for my help to contact these unfortunate children to hand them financial help for medical treatment, education and food. I am sure that these young people and families who had highly appreciated Riad's help and humanity shall be saddened and in tears with the dreadful sad news of Riad's murder. We are sure it is a murder, and not a suicide, for a man who dedicated his life to help the unfortunate to recover from their sickness, complete their schooling, and have enough food so as to live a decent life, even in their retched refugee camps, would not commit suicide. He was helping people to live, then how would he take his own life!!!

What shocked me was to hear that some security agents broke into his house and carried away with them his files and CDs and other things, I didn't know what happened after that, but I was sure that he would be accused of supporting some "terror organizations" or "white washing money"! This is a big joke that Zionists and those who collaborate with them would want to see even disabled Palestinian children helped to overcome the hardships Zionism had brought them.

We call on all those who are in a position to donate to Riad's fund so as his good work will be continued, not to hesitate in doing so. I am sure that with continuing the hard and honest work shall make his soul rest in peace.

Riad comes from Beirut and lived in Beirut not far from the Palestinian refugee camps that surround Beirut, which see first hand their hardships, for who he decided extend his help to enable his Arab compatriots practice their Right of Return to their homes and land.

God bless his soul.
A friend that I had never met face to face, but heart to heart.

To Riad el Solh Hamad
1952-2008.............and for ever
from my home town
from my blood , and sharing my view
we must have shared the same beaches and buses and views
we must have share the same wounds and hopes and views
the same wars and the same losses and the same views
We viewed the future in the light of the past
and we praised the past in this darkness of the present.
Riad , we never met ........but we were so near
Riad , we are a dead-hero as much as you were a living-human
Riad...... they call it a suicide,  when you actually did not die.
Riad.... it is a murder !!....... even when you did not die
Riad , how could you drawn when the water is so shallow
there is not enough water to drawn you ,
nor enough water to drawn the Truth.
Riad , you promised to visit Amsterdam , but you never did
you were too busy making life a bit easier to the oppressed others.
Therefore ,
the Lord has reserved a piece of peace in Heaven , for you
and if Heaven did not exist ........
then God , almighty , shall make one now especially for you .
Few of us have given , as mush as you did.
Only the Forces of Evil would have done this to you
because only the Evil could hate you .
Akhouka Billah
Akhouka bil Ourouba
Akhouka bil Watan
Akhouka bil Hilm
April 19, 2008

1952 -  2008 



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19 2008


He forgot to sell us, his last remaining bottles of Olive Oil

By Raja Chemayel, April 21, 2008


The Olive-Oil-Magnate


Riad did not commit any suicide

because someone who offered a better-life to the others

does not take away his own......

exactly because, other lives depended on his.

Suicide, in this case,

would be only for the egoists!!


Riad, if ever he planned any suicide,

Knowing him,

He would first call all of us

and would have tried to sell us,

his last remaining bottles of Olive Oil.



Riad, would have packed the second-hand-clothes

packed also more the school-books,

drove everything to the post office, to mail them

to Palestine or some refugees-Camp in the Lebanon.

And only then, he would go to meet

the Creator.


Riad, would have said first "Good-bye"

but he did not and he could not.....neither

because, there was a tape stopping him.


Whether we give them our Olive Oil

or our Petrol Oil

they rather want our blood!


Riad, will soon email us from Heaven

reminding us of his PCWF

and of Humanity.





نسي رياض أن يبيعنا...                                                 

 أخر زجاجة زيت زيتون فلسطينية لديه...

أسطورة بائع زيت الزيتون


لروحك... يا رياض من أحبابك...


لم يقترف رياض جريمة الانتحار...

لأن ألذي يمنح الآخرين حياة أفضل...

لا ينهي حياته...

بالضبط لأن، حياة الآخرين تعتمد على حياته هو...

فالانتحار... في هذه الحالة...

هي فقط... للأنانيين...

ورياض... قيما لو خطط للانتحار...

وهو كما عرفته... لكان اتصل بنا جميعاً...

ليحاول بيعنا ما تبقى لديه من زجاجات زيت الزيتون...


لكان رياض، وضب ما لديه من ثياب مستعملة...

وأيضاً ما لديه من كتب مدرسية...

وأخذ سيارته إلى مكتب البريد... لإرسالها لأحبابه أبناء فلسطين...

في فلسطين.. وفي مخيماتهم في لبنان...

عندها... فقط سيذهب لملاقاة...

لملاقاة خالقه...


لكان رياض قال لنا إلى اللقاء...

ولكنه لم يفعل... لم يتمكن من ذلك...

لأن القاتل كان قد أغلق فمه ولف جسده بشريط لاصق...


لو كنا أعطيناهم كل ما لدينا من زيت الزيتون الفلسطيني...

وزيت النفط العربي...

هم يريدون آخر قطرة من دمنا!!!


سوف لن يتأخر رياض من ارسال رسالة ألكترونية من الفردوس...


ليذكرنا بمؤسسة مساعدة أولاد فلسطين...




ومترجمه... أديب الفلسطيني...



ومترجمه: أديب الفلسطيني...



With such a Grand-father.........
By Raja Chemayel, April 22, 2008


 The Martyr's monument in Beirut



The Grand-father of Riad Hamad , El Hajj Omar Hamad,

stood up once against the tyranny and the imperialism

he fought against the Ottoman-occupiers of the Lebanon

and indeed occupiers of the whole Arab lands....


The Grand-Father , Hajj Omar , ended up, abruptly his life

hanging on  an Ottoman-rope in the Martyr's square of Beirut.


Beside him  , were hanged Christian-Arabs

and Druze-Arabs as well as Muslim-Arabs.


Our oppressors were ,on that day, accidentally Muslims

and even Sunni-Muslims....but not Arabs.


Riad's Grand-father refused them and demanded

a full Independence from the Ottomans ,

although he, himself ,was a Sunni-Muslim

exactly like the Ottomans were...


Indeed Arabs of all religions and of all confessions

and all sects or ethnic-background fought against

the Ottoman occupiers. With or without Lawrence of Arabia.


Riad Hamad the Grand-son of Hajj Omar

once, and only once , disagreed with me

when I was arguing with a non-Zionist-Jew

whom I wanted him to become an anti-Zionist-Jew.

Riad took up his defence and replied to me :

"The doors of my own house are open for Abraham Weizmann,

and he is my welcome-brother anytime ........"


Also and parallel to that attitude Riad was

cooperating 100% with many churches

and also with many inter-faith-organisations.


This reminded me of his Grand-Father

who was hanged 2 feet away from a Christian

and 5 feet away from a Druze and probably

also incidentally an Arab-Jew......also.


I compare , proudly here ,

the martyrdom of the Grand-father

to the martyrdom  of the Grand-son , Riad .

Both were Arabs, in the full sense of this name.



Who knows maybe in that same lake in Austin

if we look long enough , we might also find a Christian

and or even a Jew .....drowned by a fascist hatred

drowned because they were the knights for Humanity

and because humanity is the only way for Peace.



Riad and his grand-father teach us that religions are worthless

if they do not, first, serve humanity..........and that there is no glory

nor any humanity in being an occupier......

any occupier anywhere,at any time and from any religion.






They make him sound so unreal 
By Brazell, April 17, 2008


they make him sound so unreal.
like he wasn't really an intellectual man.
a loving man.
like he didn't have thoughts and ideas,
different interests and hobbies,
like he's just another headline.

how can they do that?
he is so much more.
so much more than that.

he had a family, a story, a life.
he had pets, his cats,
and of course, his camels.
he had a sense of humor.
he was an activist.
he wanted to help people,
help children.

he was wrongly accused by the government.
multiple times
yet he did nothing wrong.

he's one of the greatest people i've known
and will ever know.
and, i regret not knowing him better.
he will be missed. dearly.


The author was one of Riad Hamad's students



Riad Hamad - 1952-2008
by Al-Awda

Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition expresses our deepest sympathy to the family of Riad ElSolh Hamad at his untimely death under questionable circumstances. We also reach out to our entire community, in the shatat (exile) and at home, at the loss of our brother in struggle for the right to return and reclaim our homeland.

Riad's long years of advocacy and direct assistance to the children of Palestine through the Palestine Children's Welfare Fund has been an inspiration to all of us who support our internally displaced families under the brutal 60-year Zionist occupation of our lands, and has enabled
Palestinian families living under these extremely difficult conditions to continue to nurture three generations of our heroic people in the struggle.

Riad ElSolh Hamad, along with all our martyrs, will never be forgotten. He will live on in the continuation of his work, and in our collective determination to return and reclaim Palestine.

Until Return,

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition
PO Box 131352
Carlsbad, CA 92013, USA
Tel: 760-685-3243
Fax: 360-933-3568
E-mail: info@al-awda.org
WWW: http://al-awda.org

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition (PRRC) is the largest network of grassroots activists and students dedicated to Palestinian human rights. We are a not for profit tax-exempt educational and charitable 501(c)(3) organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States of America. Under IRS guidelines, your donations
http://www.al-awda.org/donate.html to PRRC are tax-deductible.


Sixth Annual International Al Awda Convention
On The Sixtieth Year of Al Nakba and Struggle to Return
Anaheim, California
May 16-18, 2008

Support Al-Awda, a Great Organization and Cause!
Become an Al-Awda Sustainer:
Monthly: http://al-awda.org/sustainers.html
Annually: http://al-awda.org/sustainers2.html


Riad Hamad in memoriam
By  Niloufer Bhagwat

I first got in touch with Riad Hamad when I saw the appeal for the Palestinian Children's Welfare Fund hoping to send some relief from India . Thereafter I read the communications on Palestinian handicrafts available where the proceeds would to be earmarked for PCWF  and the need for medicines and diverse items for children in Palestine .
Therafter, when a Japanese hostage was taken by criminal elements in Iraq to defame the resistance and an appeal was issued from Japan  from people I knew which I circulated, he responded from  far away America, as he knew  that these were criminal elements desiring to defame the people of Iraq and we were touched by his communication .
Till the very end he remained committed to the welfare of the children of Palestine and and against the war in Iraq. There are not very many people who forced to live across oceans as an immigrant , continue to work selflessly for those left behind , those suffering, those traumatised  and for this he was kept under surveillance to silence the suffering voice of Palestine suffering atrocities just as much as was inflicted by Nazi Germany with weapons supplied by his adopted homeland the United States of America to Israel , the country of chosen people, all the rest of the world are not chosen.
I did not know there exists a God which selects some and discards others .That permits whole societies and peoples to be persecuted so that others may steal their land and resources .
That he permits some to live off the back breaking labours of others, while others go from one conspiracy to another against unsuspecting humanity,that he permits profiteering and monopolies over food , water,fuel and housing .
That he permits the innocent like Riad Hamad to be persecuted for helping the weak and helpless.
In my own country there is a doctor , a pediatrician jailed because he was Gandhian and helped the tribal people and the poor.The law enforcement authorities said he was a terrorist a threat to the State,whereas his mother said that from childhood he desired to serve the poor and weak. So he is in jail.
Billions are spent on worship all over the world including constructing elaborate places of worship , including by the Pope among others, whereas Christ and other Prophets including Buddha walked barefoot on earth and shunned profiteers.
Yet there are people who state that it is God who has given them the right to take away the land and homes of the people of Palestine and occupy Iraq and Afghanistan among other countries and profit from oil and heroin  even as the people of these countries starve and famine conditions prevail, and bodies killed by death squads are picked up every day.
And Securities become paper, while those who issued it become billionaires.
From your email I learnt that originally Riad Hamad  was from Beirut. Heroic Beirut !!!!!
Riad Hamad lived as a Gandhian and died a martyr as much as the millions who have been killed in Palestine, in Iraq in Lebanon, persecuted by criminal elements within the society he lived and worked in with alliances with the criminal elements of other societies , which misuse state power to target honest citizens, to criminilise society in the name of protecting the state.
What do we call those who terrorize the innocent ??????
It is time we profile from country to country the individuals targeted and the whole societies targeted for plunder turn by turn .

Watch the video news
Body Found in Lake Lady Bird Is Austin Middle School Teacher

Body found in Lady Bird Lake

Police investigate Austin teacher death
Click on the image

Police search for answers in death of Austin teacher
By JESSICA VESS, KVUE News, April 18, 2008

Police are still searching for answers in the drowning death of an Austin middle school teacher.

Riad Hamad's body was pulled from Lady Bird Lake Wednesday afternoon. Many who knew the 55-year-old were shocked by his death, but others say they saw warning signs.

Many considered Hamad a peace activist.

 (He was) always in a good mood. Never upset. Never even heard him say a harsh word about anybody which is why it is so shocking, said Joshua Howell, who knew Hamad.

Family members filed a missing persons report on Hamad Monday when he never returned home from picking up a prescription at a nearby pharmacy. When police found Hamad's body in the water at Festival Beach his hands were bound with duct tape. He also had tape over his mouth.

Right now the indications are this was not, there was not foul play involved. The bindings, although I can't go into the extent of them, they are the nature that it's possible he could have done this to himself, said APD detective, Joseph Chacon.

Family members and others who knew Hamad well told police that Hamad had recently been stressed out and had suicidal thoughts.

He was involved in a Palestinian organization called the Palestinian Children's Welfare Fund (PCWF). Hamad publicly announced that the group worked with the Holy Land Trust, a church group out of Los Angeles. It provided aid to Palestinian refugees and children.

However, Hamad had also been investigated by the FBI.

I thought it was a joke, because if anybody knows me, they would know that I wouldn't do anything to hurt anybody, said Hamad on video at www.freespeech.org.

On Thursday, the FBI said that Hamad was a person of interest at one time, but they wouldn't comment on any investigations. A KVUE search of public records showed no criminal history.

Hamad thought he was being watched because of his ties to the PCWF.

Awww - you found out about me, used clothes for people to stay warm. This is what it is. I bet this is what did me in. This is what did me in. Well I'm glad I have witnesses I've had these in the garage for two months, said Hamad online at www.freespeech.org (see below) as he unwrapped boxes of clothing that were turned away for shipping to Palestine.

He would get things from Palestine, hand-made items...prayer shawls, boxes, Christmas ornaments, jewelry, (and) stuff like that, said Howell.

Howell is the Assistant Manager at the mail office where Hamad had a P.O. Box for deliveries of the PCWF.

He was in every day checking to see if he had any packages, for a while there he was getting packages everyday, big packages that he was taking out, selling, and then sending the money on, said Howell.

Howell said Hamad closed out the mailbox two weeks ago and passed on a forwarding address to California.

Meanwhile Hamad continued his job as a teacher at Clint Small Middle School in South Austin. He taught Keyboarding class in the Career and Technology Department to about 90% of the student body. Faculty and students there were devastated to hear of his death.

I really found him to be a wonderful, giving person, said Sheila Anderson, school principal.

He had been at Clint Small Middle School since it opened in 1999.

Police are still investigating his death. An official cause has not been released. His body remains at the Travis County Medical Examiners Office for an autopsy.

Source : http://www.txcn. com/sharedconten t/dws/txcn/ austin/stories/ 041708kvuebody2- bkm.745e13f5. html


Listen to Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barret on GCN Radio

 An Interview with Riad Hamad

Riad Hamad is a non-violent activist in Austin, Texas. He holds multiple Master's degrees and has never been arrested. He is now under surveillance by the FBI because he organized the shipment of books to Palestinian children. He speaks about the impact FBI attacks have had on his family, his freedoms, and his perception of America.

Series: Mobile-Eyes: Resisting War and Repression
Produced: May 2003 by Free Speech TV

Watch the interview (19m 46s)


Letters from Riad Hamad


 Open Letter
To: George Bush,
President of the United States of America
Washington, DC

From : Riad Hamad
Austin, Texas

I was very amused last week when I was trying to get into my car in the morning on my way to work, when my neighbor across the street came out and asked me if we could talk. Although I was in a hurry since I was late, I listened to him since he said that the topic was important. My neighbor told me that he was approached by the FBI and was asked many questions about me and was asked to put a camera in his house to watch me. The request was denied, as my neighbor, who happened to be a Libertarian, did not trust the motives of the FBI. Also, my neighbor told him that, Riad is my friend and I would not spy on him. Apparently, the agent did not give up and told my neighbor that he would call on him again.

Although I knew and expected such activities by the FBI, I was surprised about their lack of professionalism and the absence of decency. I carry my Iraqi flags to every rally and I am always the loudest and the most obvious. Hundreds of people come and ask me about the flags as they do not know which countries the flags stand for, and I have to say, These are the flags of the countries that your tax money is paying to occupy, kill and maim, since not many of them knew the colors of the flags of Palestine or Iraq. For the FBI to have to go and knock on my neighbors doors is very unprofessional and illegal. Besides, the FBI has been harassing members of the International Solidarity Movement and monitoring their phone calls, e-mails and movements around the nation. I assume this is an effort to harass them, intimidate them, and scare them from going around the United States to expose your lies, and that of your administration, about the real situation in occupied Palestine.

I have lived, went to college, and worked in the United States for over 30 years. I have no criminal record and not even a suspicion of committing a crime, such as your cocaine addiction, drunk driving, and going AWAL during your National Guard duty in Texas. Also, I have never sold shares of a bankrupt company to the pension fund of Bahrain National Oil Company like you did, which is nothing but fraud and insider trading.

I work with a group of individuals around the globe called the Palestine Childrens Welfare Fund in association with the Holy Land Trust out of Bethlehem, Palestine. We bring olive wood and embroidery from Palestine and raise money in the United States for the women and the children of the refugee camps. We are non-political and non-religious, and our donors and supporters are Muslims, Christians, Jews, and others who know better than to believe your message of hatred and aggression. Every penny we receive is accounted for and every penny we spend is accounted for on our Web site that I am sure that you have monitored and observed. Also, we sponsor only civilians who are either orphans or not affiliated with any political or religious groups and their only crime is that they are Palestinians.

As a patriotic citizen of this country, and to make sure that I give you a hand in combating terrorism, I have posted a sign near in our neighborhood letting people know that we are under surveillance. And asking our neighbors and the passers by to inform the FBI of any suspicious activities and the sign and the pictures of the house with the sign is on the Web page link.

Over the past weekend, several of our neighbors came by and apologized for your stupidity and that of the FBI and other officials. One of them told me that, I am ashamed to say that I am an American since George Bush became president. Others tried to apologize, and I had to remind that I am also ashamed of you and your actions and that of your administration. I have not been outside the United States since you became president, to avoid showing my passport and avoid associating with you and your administration. Besides helping you monitor me by posting the sign near our home, I will help you find some terrorists that I know and I believe that they are threat to the safety and the security of the United States. You do not have to look far to find them and apprehend them, and if you do not soon, WE THE PEOPLE will some day soon. These terrorists are now in Washington and you see them every time you have a cabinet meeting and I am afraid you are one of them.


Get the hell out of my life and take your FBI thugs from our neighborhood because they are not wanted.

Draft the elderly


From: Riad Elsolh Hamad [mailto:pcwfaustin@..]
Sent: Friday, January 14, 2005 11:49 PM
To: president@...
Subject: Mr. President Bush, I found it. I found it. Military draft for the elderly.


 Dear Mr. President Bush,

On the occasion of your glorious inauguration next week for the second term of your presidency, I would like to congratulate you and offer you my full and total support. As a patriotic American and a fellow Yeehaw Texas who lives a little ways from Crawford, your homestead, I would like to offer you my services and some ideas to help you resolve some of the problems facing your great nation.  Although I said in the title of the letter  I found it, I found it, myname is not Isaac Newton and no, I am not Jewish and by no means I am a physicist.  My name is Riad Elsolh Hamad, an Arab and a Muslim from Albasta Alfowqa in Beirut, Lebanon and the only thing that is common between Mr. Newton and I, is the fact that like him, I had to chop off a slice of my 4 inches Arab biological weapon that I was born with in a process called circumcision.  The biological weapon that we the Arabs and Muslims are using to take over the world through voting booths and democracy.  The blessed democracy that you are bestowing on  my brothers and sisters in Iraq with to elect elderly Shia clerics. The Shia clerics who will make sure that just like Iran, the elections at the end of this month are the first and last elections that will be held after we liberated these heathens from our crony and lackey the butcher of Iraq Saddam.

As I said, my name is Riad Elsolh Hamad and my son has a completely different name than mine in pronunciation and spelling and my son and I are 32 years apart in age.  Still a lot of people here in Texas do not seem to recognize the differences between the two of us in age, height and weight and they still call both of us the same name.  My son and I are still called:  Camel jockeys, Sand niggers, towel face, and camel herders despite the fact that none of us has ever lived in a desert and the first camel I ever saw was in the San Antonio Zoo in Texas.  This is despite the fact that I have lived her for 34 years and paid more income taxes than Texaco and Exxon ever did.

Please excuse me for providing you with economic advice since we  Ayrabs  are only good enough for gas stations, grocery stores and falafel stands. This is despite the fact that the average Arab in the United States earns 5000 dollars annually more than the average American and has at least two years of college education more than the average Americans. We left economic policy to our cousins, the children of Abraham, the Zionist Jews to make sure that that they allocate billions of dollars a year to support the  only democracy in the middle east, israel.   The billions that we still send to kill men, women and children and destroy homes of Palestinian Arabs regardless of the negative consequences of such policies on our interests in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

Dear Mr. President,

From what I have been reading in the news there are several major policy and executive issues that you have to deal with and allow me to summarize below as follows:
     1) The social security fund and its ability to provide services for the elderly beyond the year 2020.

     2) The Medicare and Medicaid funds and their ability to fund increasing medical services for the growing elderly population.

3)        The federal fiscal deficit that is hovering around 500 billion dollars a year and a national debt that is around 7. 6 trillion dollars today. http://www.toptips.com/debtclock.html

4)        The highest ever trade deficit that is growing despite the lowest value for the dollars in more than 10 years. Simply because the Chinese laborers are able to produce goods at a lot cheaper wages than our overpaid and overfed labor force and still save 40 percent of their wages.[1]

5)        The tax breaks that you promised us grateful Americans who voted you in office in order to extend the tax deductions that you bestowed on us during your first term. This is despite the fact that the government could not afford it and had to borrow money to finance such tax deductions.

6)        Drop in sales tax revenue on the state and city levels thus forcing reduction of services and degradation of infrastructure such as bridges, roads and hospitals.

7)        High unemployment and hidden employment due to the outsourcing of jobs to China and India.

8)        The inability of the armed forces to meet its recruitment quotas and forcing the reserves to extend the tour of duty to grumbling young men and women.  In addition to the cost of hiring  private contractors  to do the work that cheap black, Latino and minority troops can do.

9)        A dramatic increase in Veterans Administration spending on medical benefits for retired military personnel from the Korean War, Vietnam War and Gulf War I.

10)       The housing crisis that is forcing the government to spend hard earned tax money of providing shelter to undeserving low- income blacks and Latinos.

Ok, I will stop right here since I know that you do not like to hear bad news and that is why you do not watch television and you depend on Dick Cheney to give you a summary of the rosy picture of the state of our nation.  My proposal is very simple and would not require legislation and between your leadership and the wisdom of our Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld it can be done with a little disinformation campaign. The disinformation campaign that your government was successful in executing to justify the war in Iraq and the so called  War on Terror.  The proposal is to draft the elderly who are over 65 years of age and know how to read and write.  A General Education Diploma, GED will suffice and there will be no need for the burdensome high school diploma. 

Why the draft and why the elderly?  The answer if very  simple and if you give me five minutes of your time, I will make you a believer.  First, when you draft the elderly they will not have the energy to demonstrate or rally since hell, they need some one to hold on to in order to pee in the bathroom.   The elderly cannot demonstrate since a lot of them are in wheel chairs and we can always have the police arrest them for blocking the traffic and disturbing the peace just like the New York City Police Department and the Austin Police Department did to the anti war demonstrators. Those bastards. Only if they knew of your grand plans for Iraq, the so called Middle East and the flourishing economy.

Secondly, the young men and women in America would love the idea of drafting the elderly because that will mean that they do not have to serve in the armed forces and go to Iraq. Also, this will mean increasing their chances on putting hands on the inheritance they have been waiting for and can hardly wait for their parents and grandparents to kick the bucket. I will wager you that the day you declare the draft for the elderly, you will poll rating will be the highest ever and the highest ratings of any president in the history of the United States.

Now, what will this executive order do to your plans for the economy, the war in Iraq and the possibility of your running for office in 2008. Yes in 2008 jus bear with me.

1)     The social security benefits will not be necessary as the elderly will be receiving stipends as recruits.  Our rubber stamp Republican Congress, just like the Saddam era parliament will pass legislation that will ensure that the elderly cannot receive draft time stipends and social security benefits at the same time.  The positive impact of reducing the social security payments on the budget is about 20 percent of our federal budget or about 450 billion dollars a year. http://encarta.msn.com/media_461566684/U_S_Government_Spending.html

2)     The Medicare cost of 1.5 trillion dollars for the next ten years will not be necessary http://www.contracostatimes.com/mld/cctimes/7820234.htm?template=contentModules/printstory.jsp&1cThe money can then be used to show a surplus, buy more weapons and may be start a new war.  As for the savings from Medicaid, the annual spending of about 825 billion dollars will not be necessary as the elderly will be receiving the medical services of the troops in Iraq by using wooden cardboard boxes for beds.  They will not be able to complain because they will be afraid of being labeled traitors who are aiding the terrorists. http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A28252-2003Nov11?language=printer

3)     The federal deficit will not be an issue any more since the annual deficit of 500 billion dollars will be covered with the savings in social security spending, cuts in Medicare and Medicaid.  As a matter of fact, the total spending on these 3 large spending program is about 900 billion dollars annually which means you will actually end up with a surplus that will dwarf the surpluses of the guy before you who abused Monica Lewinsky sexually.  With such a surplus you will see tens of millions of people on the street demonstrating to demand the amendment of the constitution to allow you to run for at third term.  Demonstrations that will let those damn communists and hippies who demonstrated against your wise decision to liberate Iraq cry in shame.  The surplus can be used to modernize our military and prepare for your great vision of liberating Iran and Syria and expanding the values of our great democracy

4)     The trade deficit will not be an issue since the draft and the eventual demise of the old farts will lead to new economic realities.  We are going to send the elderly to Iraq to fight and get killed which will allow our young people to put their hands of more than 8 trillion dollars in personal wealth of the total 11 trillion personal wealth in the United States. http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-soi/98pwart.pdf

If I know our young people well, they will go out and spend it and buy goods and services inside the country and stimulate the local economies. Bars and restaurants will be doing booming business which will generate domestic economic activity that will rock the pants of those girliemen Democrats.  The people of the world will regain confidence in our economy and start pouring their savings here which will eliminate the departure from the dollar and the reduction in the trade deficit.

5)     The tax breaks will be affordable now with the budget surpluses and would not be even probably necessary as the young people of the United States will be spending their inheritance and enjoying wealth like they have never had money before.  Besides, the government will receive taxes on the distributed wealth that will even increase the budget surpluses by hundreds of billions of dollars.

6)     The spending by our young people of more than 6 trillion dollars in wealth and the multiplier effects of such wealth will increase sales tax revenues for the states.  New sales tax receipts will allow our local governments to build more bridges and highways to enable our young people to drive their SUVs and Hummers purchased with their new acquired wealth. There will be no need for building new hospitals as the elderly will be dead and gone and medical services will not be necessary.  As a matter of fact, it could be an economic boon since funeral homes will be busy, lumber companies will be busy making coffins that the unemployment rate will drop so much, Congress might have to pass your great immigration bill.  The bill that will allow cheap Mexican labor to come and work in the United States so our companies do not have to pay higher minimum wage, social security or health benefits.

7)     The new wealth and the way our young people will spend it surely will create the jobs that our economy will need to reduce unemployment. We might even have to open training schools in order to make sure that we have enough specialists to pierce tattoos, stick needles to draw tattoos and teach the latest combinations of mixing alcohol to our descendants. Unemployment will be a thing of the past and will require Congress to pass laws to allow new laborers to come and work in the United States by the millions. I guarantee it just like president Nixon removed the gold standard from backing the dollar and backed it with confidence in the great American people.

8)     The drafting of the elderly will put to rest once and for all the problem of finding recruits for our armed forces since any man or woman who turn 65 years of age will be drafted.  They will be drafted into the army when they walk in the social security office to apply for benefits or they will be collected from the addresses on the envelopes that they applied for benefits from by federal marshals.  Our Congress will make sure to rubber stamp laws to impose sanctions on any nation, Canada or otherwise, that will grant refuge for any absconding rascals.

9)     The Veterans Administration will be shut down since all the individuals it is serving now will be in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, France and any nation that dares oppose your wise leadership.  The leadership that does not make mistakes and so foolproof that 59 million Americans voted for you in the latest landslide election.

10)  The housing crises for the poor in the country will be resolved as many of them will have inherited the homes of their elderly parents and grandparents.  Black and Latinos will be employed now since the booming service economy will require many more butlers, cooks, drivers and hotel maids with good tips.  The young people will be traveling so much spending their newly acquired wealth that housing might be a thing of the past. Just like our moral values.

Mr. President,

I hope I did not intrude on your privacy very much since I know that you do not like long burdensome readings on policy and administration.  However, I trust that your aides who were instructed not to allow the secret service look you in the eye, the day of the inauguration will brief you on this important document.  This policy that can be implemented through an executive order since Congress will not be required and since you are in your second term, you will not have to worry about votes of the elderly.  Even if the constitution is amended due to your great successes and you want to run again, with Diebold voting machines and Clear Channels radio stations to push your agenda to the public, who needs campaigning and polls anymore. Who needs elections to that matter.  The Jewish vote will not be necessary or influential any more since most of the elderly in Florida and California are Jewish and will be happily defending our great nation in Iraq.

God bless George Bush, the great president of the United Stats. God bless his wise leadership and may he live to serve us 12 more years. Hail to the Chief.

Riad Hamad

Austin, Texas.



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A Letter to Pope Benedict


To the Editor:


Pope Benedict XVI suffers from a serious case of amnesia.


I read with disgust the statement by the old man residing in Rome known to the Christian world as Pope Benedict XVI. Apparently he had mentioned this week in a speech that Islam and Muslims have a tendency for violence and that Islam promotes holy wars.�� It is amazing how this man forgot that for 34 days the Arabs living in Lebanon suffered for 34 days bombings by Jews using Christian made weapons from the United States to maim, kill and injure thousands of innocent civilians in Lebanon. Pope Benedicts amnesia is blocking his brain cells from processing the images and audio sounds coming through the ether about the tens of thousands of Palestinian Arabs, Christians as well as Muslims crying for help from the criminal actins by the Jewish state of Israel. The Christians of Palestine are living in sheer poverty at the mercy of Jews armed with guns made by Christians in Europe and the United States to deprive them of their land, water and to subdue them into submission to their racist policies.

 It makes me wonder where Pope Benedict has been in the last four decades to see the bombings in Iraq, Serbia, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine against Arabs and Muslims whose only crime that they sit on the most prized peace of real estate the God created. The Arabs and the Muslims are the victims of mass murder being committed by Christians and Jews in the name of God and the Bible, old as well as new. Should I remind the Pope here of the mass murders committed in the name of Jesus for decades by the Crusades. Pope Benedict should stick to doing what he and the Vatican does well. Collect donations and accumulate wealth and protect buildings in the Holy Land that they can use to raise even more money. This world of ours has no shame and neither does Pope Benedict.


Riad Elsolh Hamad

Austin, Texas.



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Americans the Hypocrites


here is a sitting president who admitted to drug use, prostituted this country to foreign lobbyist and has been screwing every man, woman and child in the United States, Iraq, Afghanistan, Columbia, Palestine, Lebanon and tens of other nations in the name of democracy and Judeo-Christian values .and no one dared raise their fingers against him.



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To George Will, Who needs to be " DeNazified?"


I have to admit Mr. Will that when I used to see your face in newspapers next to your articles or on television speaking to the public I used to think to myself: Man, this guy looks dumb.. However, after hearing your words today you clarified my thoughts that I used to have about thinking that you are dumb. Mr. Will now I know that you are dumb. Read, travel to Palestine and see for yourself and then write and speak or forever shut the hell up.
Riad Hamad Austin, Texas



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Please not Merry Christmas to me please


But I will celebrate Christmas one day. I will celebrate Christmas when the people of Beitlehm can go to Halab Alshahba * and follow the footsteps of Abraham and Sarah.



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Scooter Libby where have you been.. Gordon Liddy will lead you to ....


If you believe that the movie that is being played now in front of you will lead to the removal of these war criminals I have a proposal for you. The London bridge is up for sale and I will make a good deal for you. If you do not have the money, and you are still want to go to sleep and dream about this taking place, please do me a favor. Do what my mother used to tell me before I went to sleep: Riad, go pee before you sleep..you might have a bad dream and wet your bed. Good night and good luck Riad Hamad



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Letter to George on Iraq

George, I do no believe you. No body believes you. My cat does not believe you. The only one that believes you is that idiot you see every morning when you brush your teeth before you go out to the world and open your mouth with lies. If you do not know whom I am talking about go to the mirror now and look. Look hard George.



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Beyond the ABC


Ask a deaf person how many times sign language saved his/her life or helped them order a meal or express love and appreciation. Better yet, ask yourself how many times you felt like getting out of the car and chasing that S.O.B because he/she gave you that old sign with the middle finger and without uttering a single word.



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Did Activist Riad Hamad Kill Himself?
By Kurt Nimmo
InfoWars, 04-18-2008

After police fished the body of Riad Hamad out of Lady Bird Lake in
East Austin, Texas, they told the media the non-violent Palestinian
activist and directing coordinator of the Palestine Children's Welfare
Fund had committed suicide.

"Right now, the indications are that this was not, there was not foul
play involved," police Sgt. Joseph Chacon told KXAN, never mind Mr.
Hamad was found bound with duct tape. "Parkgoers who saw the body said
the death did not look accidental. They said the man's face was
wrapped with duct tape, and his arms appeared to be tied in front of
his body." KXAN did not bother to explain how Hamad managed to wrap
himself in duct tape.

It should be obvious Hamad had a bit of help, although it is
apparently too much to expect the corporate media to point out the
absurdity of the police explanation. "When the body was removed from
the lake, tape was found around the eyes, and the hands and legs were
loosely bound," the Austin police's public information office expects
us to believe. "The bindings of his hands and legs and placement of
the tape were consistent with Hamad having done this to himself.
Detectives know that Hamad walked from his vehicle to the water on his
own based on evidence retrieved from the scene." Again, no explanation
how Mr. Hamad did this or more to the point why a person supposedly
interested in suicide would wrap himself in duct tape, loosely or

Hamad was not your garden variety suicide, however. "Riad Hamad is a
non-violent activist in Austin, Texas. He holds multiple Master's
degrees and has never been arrested. He is now under surveillance by
the FBI because he organized the shipment of books to Palestinian
children," Free Speech TV noted before the teacher's alleged suicide.

"The FBI has on a number of occasions conducted surveillance on Riad
Hamad. His neighbors have been interviewed, his co-workers have been
questioned, and packages he has sent have been opened," admits Joe
Kaufman, writing for the Scaife funded website, FrontPageMag, run by
David Horowitz, a notorious neocon.

Hamad's crime? He had a problem with Israel killing Palestinians and
had shipped books to children.

On Christmas, 2006, Hamad described his crimes, so outrageous for the
likes of pro-Israel neocons. He describes a trip to the U.S.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement's T. Don Hutto detention center in
Taylor, Texas, where he talked to an incarcerated Muslim woman and
"provided her with cash for phone calls and snacks for the children
since the jail officials are providing them with mainly pork and ham
that they do not eat," obviously a treasonous act demonstrating his
collaboration with terrorists, including Adel Suleiman, a man with a
case of severe diabetes who disappeared in the "detention center"
dungeons situated in Haskell, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Back in February, the FBI and IRS raided Hamad's Palestine Children's
Welfare Fund. "We had a very unpleasant visit from the FBI and IRS
agents yesterday morning and they walked out with more than 40 boxes
of tax returns, forms, documents, books, flags, cds etc.," Hamad
explained in an email to Hajja Romi. "The special agent said that they
have a probable cause for money laundering, wire fraud, bank fraud,
etc and I think that all of it stems from more than 35 years of
watching me."

"On the morning of Wednesday, Feb. 27, award-winning schoolteacher
Riad Hamad, founder of the Palestine Children's Welfare Fund (PCWF)
was getting ready to leave for work when the doorbell rang in his
modest apartment in Austin, Texas. It was a dozen FBI and IRS agents
bearing a search warrant from Judge Robert Pittman, known for his
hostility to Palestinians and Arabs, with whom Riad had had previous
experience," explains a post on the Progressive Independent forum.

For most of the day, the agents searched every nook and cranny of the
apartment, then left with more than forty boxes of papers, files,
computers and CDs. No charges were filed at the time against Riad and
he was not arrested, but the investigators said they had probable
cause to investigate wire fraud, bank fraud and money laundering.

PCWF thus joins the Middle East Children's Alliance, Kinder USA and
Holy Land Foundation all dedicated to helping Palestinian children
as a major part of their work as objects of investigations that have
damaged the functioning of their mission. In no case were these
organizations found guilty of wrongdoing, and at most some people with
Kinder USA were pressured into minor pleas in order to avoid costly
court proceedings.

It is not a coincidence that Riad and PCWF have been targeted. PCWF
has been associated with all these organizations, and it is reasonable
to assume that when investigations turned up nothing there, they used
the references to PCWF to go fishing. Riad has been expecting this for
37 years but refuses to be intimidated, and insists upon exercising
his full right to defend Palestinian rights and his own in America.

Is it possible Riad Hamad was targeted for suicide as well, sort of
the same way prize-winning American investigative journalist Gary Webb
committed suicide with multiple gunshots to the head? Webb
investigated Nicaraguans linked to the CIA-backed Contras who had
smuggled cocaine into the U.S. which was then distributed as crack
cocaine into Los Angeles. Gary had to go, as he had yet another book
on tap before he killed himself over a stolen motorcycle. Riad had to
go too, as he was a thorn in the side of the neocons, the FBI, ICE,
and the IRS.

Finally, it should be remembered that back in 2003, Israel declared
its intention to embark "upon a more aggressive approach to the war on
terror that will include staging targeted killings in the United
States and other friendly countries," according to United Press
International. "The Israeli statements were confirmed by more than a
half dozen U.S. foreign policy and intelligence officials in
interviews with UPI. Israeli hit teams, which consist of units or
squadrons of the Kidon, a sub-unit for Mossad's highly secret Metsada
department, would stage the operations, former Israeli intelligence
sources said. Kidon is a Hebrew word meaning `bayonet,' one former
Israeli intelligence source said."

Is it possible a neocon hit team or as likely a Mossad "bayonet" team
took out the school teacher Riad Hamad?

Certainly, it makes more sense than the lame claim that Mr. Hamad
wrapped himself up in duct tape and threw himself in Lady Bird Lake.

Source: Tlaxcala

Original article published on April 19, 2008

This document may be reprinted as long as the content remains unaltered, and the sources and authors translator  are cited.

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